4002 at Ashford. © Miles Haywood.

Images of the 4-DD Rolling Stock, Now and in Better Times

If you have any photographs or memories of the unit either in service or in later life that we could use please let us know via the Yahoo Group. Any photographs used will remain copyright of the owner.


Bexleyheath on the first day, 1st November 1949.

Kidbrooke, 30th June 1952.

Gravesend. © Rob Poole.

4902 "Falconwood circa early/mid 1960's! Possibly about 5.14pm heading to London". © Robert Fleming.

Late 1960s. © Robert Fleming

Left: Charing Cross. Right: Bexley, June 1968.

Dartford and Charing Cross. © Graham Ellis

Charing Cross, June 1970. © Michael Taylor

Eltham Well Hall Staion, 1971.

4902 (S13004S leading) at Waterloo East on 9 September 1971 forming the 0827 Charing Cross to Slade Green (via Blackheath and Woolwich Arsenal). © Gerry Cork.

1st October 1971,the final day in service. © Gerry Cork.

Top Left: The final ECS from Dartford to Charing Cross passing London Bridge. Top Right and Bottom: Waterloo East, the final revenue earning train. The 18:04 Charing Cross to Dartford via Bexleyheath.

1st December 1971, Hoo Junction. © Alan Brierly.

Photos taken at Hoo Junction of 4001, and 4002 having been burnt ready for scrapping.

1971, Hoo Junction. © Rob Poole.

South Eastern Steam Centre Ashford, 1st MARCH 1972. © Steve Godden.

13th August 1972. © Steve Godden.

13th May 1972. © Steve Godden.

Some views from inside 4002 (4902). © Martin Allen.

9th September 1973. © Clive Parker, slide now owned by C Hurst.

14th October 1973. © Steve Godden.

N15 class 30777 Sir Lamiel.

12th May 1974. © Steve Godden.

4DD coach number 13003 being hauled by Nord 3.628.

12th May 1974. © Steve Godden.

13th October 1974. © Steve Godden.

H Class No.263.

South Eastern Steam Centre Ashford, Early 1980s. © Miles Haywood.

13004 Northampton and Lamport Railway, Late 1980s. © Colin Hodgin.

13004 Northampton Ironstone Trust, Around 2000. © Terry Andrews.

13003 Sellinge, 2015. © Mark Green.

December 19th 2015 group visit to Sellinge. © Tim Hannington.

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