In Service and Withdrawal

Bexleyheath on the first day, 1st November 1949.

4001 trailing on a London bound service having just left Bexleyheath in 1950. © Mark Stuchbury Collection.

Kidbrooke, 30th June 1952.

Gravesend. © Rob Poole.

London Bridge Platform 2 in 1955 on a Cannon Street to Gravesend Central via Bexleyheath. © Raymond Edwards Collection.

Albany Park, 1959. © Jim Wickham.

4002 "Falconwood circa early/mid 1960's! Possibly about 5.14pm heading to London". © Robert Fleming.

Late 1960s Charing Cross. © Robert Fleming

Bexley, June 1968. © Robert Fleming

Dartford and Charing Cross. © Graham Ellis

Early 1970s Eltham Park and Charing Cross. © Adrian Putley.

Charing Cross, June 1970. © Michael Taylor.

Eltham Well Hall Staion, 1971.

Slade Green, 1971. © Alan Edwards.

Waterloo East, 1971. © Alan Edwards.

4902 (S13004S leading) at Waterloo East on 9 September 1971 forming the 0827 Charing Cross to Slade Green (via Blackheath and Woolwich Arsenal). © Gerry Cork.

1st October 1971,the final day in service. © Gerry Cork.

Top: The final ECS from Dartford to Charing Cross passing London Bridge. Middle and Bottom: Waterloo East, the final revenue earning train. The 18:04 Charing Cross to Dartford via Bexleyheath.

Photos taken at Hoo Junction of 4001, and 4002 having been burnt ready for scrapping. 1st December 1971, Hoo Junction. © Alan Brierly.

1971, Hoo Junction. © Rob Poole.

Ian Ross
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