News Updates from 2016 and 2015

17th December 2016: Chris Hurst, Kerry Hickmott Jake Hickmott and Mark Hickmott. The unit covered for the winter. All photos © Chris Hurst.

10th December 2016: Chris Hurst working on site. All photos © Chris Hurst.

5th November 2016: Chris Hurst, Mark and Kerry Hickmott on site. More clearing done and two new tarps put on the DD for winter.. All photos © Chris Hurst.

29th October 2016: Chris Hurst, Kerry Hickmott and Mark Hickmott. Finishing of sheds and general clearance work. All photos © Chris Hurst.

23rd October 2016: From our FB page. Sunday, Hickmott & Son Shed builders on site today. We put up a 7ft x 5ft shed donated by Chris Hurst and Family. As you can see all the remaining slabs, sand and cement was used, so thank you to everyone who donated money for this project. We now have 2 sheds, the one on the right donated by Bernard Tilley and they're now ready for storage and cover if it rains! WOW! What a year! Thanks to everyone for the support, without your kind donations and help promoting the group at Shows and Railway events etc, we wouldn't have got this far! Still a long way to go, but we're getting there! Unlike Southern! Thanks again Mark Hickmott All photos © Mark Hickmott.

22nd October 2016: Chris Hurst, Kerry Hickmott and Mark Hickmott, work on the new shed and the DD. All photos © Chris Hurst.

15th October 2016: Chris Hurst, Stephen Chambers and Mt Chambers Snr, work done clearing next to the unit. All photos © Chris Hurst.

8th October 2016: Chris Hurst, on his own today work maintaining the site.

24th September 2016: Chris Hurst, Chris Husrt on site on his own today.© Chris Hurst.

18th September 2016: Mark Hickmott, Chris Hurst Tim Hannington and Stephen Chambers on a working party. The group also hosted its first visit by the Gravesend Railway Enthusiasts Society. All photos © Chris Hurst.

Work continued on removing rust from the frames. The markings in the top left photo are indicators for the bogie position. It was discovered that the frames at the passenger end are made from steel from Middlesbrough Doorsman, that under the Cab from Shelton.

3rd and 11th September 2016: Chris Hurst carried on with rust removal and painting the frames. All photos © Chris Hurst.

6th September 2016: Tim Hannington, Mark Hickmott, Kerry Hickmott and Ian Ross on site. Van Hired and second shed delivered, start made on preparing base. The first part of the site boundary fence put in place. All photos © Ian Ross.

Some phots of the Guards Van, Cab and Cab front.

28th August 2016: For the first time, we had two working parties on one day. Alyson Parris with Stephen Chambers represented the group at the Chinnor and Princes Risburough Railways Blue Electric Running Day. All photos © Alyson Parris.

28th August 2016: Chris Hurst,Tim Hannington, Mark Hickmott, Kerry Hickmott and Mr E on site. Shed/Workshop was assembled. All photos © Chris Hurst.

The area in front of the unit was cleared, still some trees to move.

20th August 2016: Chris Hurst,and Mr E on site. Continued site preperation.

16th August 2016: Chris Hurst, Tim Hannington, Ian Ross and Mr E on site preperation works for shed/workshop.© Chris Hurst.

13th August 2016: Chris Hurst,and Mr E on site. Access was gained to compartment E which was cleaned and recorded. The cab windows were cleaned and the paint work scrubbed. All photos © Chris Hurst.


Compartment Door, the window mechanism, upstairs small window and the cab.

Ventilation System (floor missing), Lighting Wiring, and pull chain. Which revaled a nice SR emblem.

6th August 2016: Chris Hurst, Mark and Mr E were preparation on site. The new lawnmower has made big inroads on the preperation of the site and the 4Dd can now be accessed all the way around. All photos © Chris Hurst.

25th July 2016: Chris Hurst, Tim Hannington, Mark and Mr E were on site. Work carried on on site clearing.

25th July 2016: Chris Hurst, Mark and Mr E were present on site. Access was gained to the first compartment which was cleaned out. All photos © Chris Hurst.

22nd July 2016: Alan Brierly donated funds to purchase a petrol lawnmower which will greatly help in the fight against the fast growing weeds and grass on site. The mower has been given the name "Bumblebee". Alan sadly passed away later in the year, he was a great supporter of the project and made many donations. It was sad that he was unable to get down to see the work in progress. Photo © Mark Hickmott.

16th July 2016: Chris Hurst,and Mr E on site, working on the car parking area. Photo © Chris Hurst.

9th July 2016: Chris Hurst, Tim Hannington and Mr E on site, keeping the fast growing plant life at bay. Photo © Chris Hurst.

25th June 2016: Chris Hurst and Graeme Richard Bevan-Stewart with Mr E today. More site work uncovered the roof of a Triumph Mayflower plus the remains of a narrow gauge diesel locomothive. All photos © Chris Hurst.

18th June 2016: Chris Hurst with Mr E on site again. Weather has delayed the erection of the workshop shed, but Chris carried on with site preperation. A clear shot of the 4 wheel van was possible for the first time. All photos © Chris Hurst.

11th June 2016: Chris Hurst with Mr E took a break from the DD and undertook cleaning up of the 4 wheel carriages that surround the unit. All photos © Chris Hurst.

29th May 2016: Chris Hurst and Mr E on site. A big day today. After what felt like endless cleaning of old paint. The rear frame got some paint. A first in 45 years? All photos © Chris Hurst.

Cleaning continued.

And then the first paint was applied since the unit was in service.

29th May 2016: Lots of activity on both the unit and the site. It was Chris Hurst, Mr E, Mark Hickmott, Tim Hannington, Graeme Richard Bevan-Stewart on site. . All photos © Chris Hurst.

A panoramic view of the cab.

The Guards van vent, with Tim Hannington.

Work continues on the frames.

21st and 22nd May 2016: Chris Hurst, and Mr E on site both days, Tim Hannington was there on the Saturday. More cleaning of mainly cupboard doors and chassis. More photographs were taken of the compartments and finally we get to see behind one of the vent doors. All photos © Chris Hurst.

For the first time the team got to see inside the forced air ventilation system.

18th May 2016: Operation Shed. A nearly new shed has been donated to us by Bernard Tilley. This will become a store and workshop for the unit. Bernard, Richard Midwinter and myself used a hired van to collect and transport it down to Sellinge, where Tim Hannington and Mr E joined us to unload. The shed is stored awaiting the laying of a suitable base in the next few weeks. Access was also gained to some electrical boxes on the underframe All photos © Ian Ross.

Fuse Box

Battery Box

Line Breaker Box

2nd May 2016: Again Chris on his own (if you are reading this and you feel you could spare us a few hours a month please let us know email to Work continued site work. © Chris Hurst.

24th April 2016: Chris continued the previous days work on tidying the site and uncovered a trailor that has been hidden in the nettles for at least 25 years. © Chris Hurst.

23rd April 2016: Mark Hickmott, Chris Hurst, Tim Hannington and Mr Lewis on site. 35011 General Steam Navigation our neighbours at Sellinge had a members day on site as well. The 4DD team continued work clearing the site. All photos © Chris Hurst.

Access was gained to one of the compartments, the remains of what looked like origional seating mocket could be seen. Vents, Light fittings and Equipment covers are all still in place.

The 4DD team have bulit a relationship with the 35011 General Steam Navigation Group who were also on site for a members day. The loco had been given a protective coat of paint and the 4DD team helped in puting a cover over the engine. Mark Hickmott can be seen in the smokebox during the operation.

19th April 2016: A working party of Jack David Nolin Hards, Tim Hannington, Ian Ross and Mr E continued to work on the removal of dirt and rust from the frames on Tuesday. Jack David Nolin Hards travelled up for the working party all the way from Poole in Dorset so needs a special thank you.© Jack David Nolin Hards.

17th April 2016: Mark Hickmott, Chris Hurst and Mr Lewis on site. A Big day for the team as work on the 4DD started. Layers of rust were chipped away from the Underframe and part of a Bogie. Note 4902 has been uncovered (the units second fleet number). Layers of rust chipped away has uncovered the plate showing the bearing size (1A) and also the Oil Pad ( 9x4 1/2).© Chris Hurst.

16th April 2016: Another small working party (Chris and the Owner), nearly at the end of the site clearance. The embankment along side the site was collapsing and has had to be rebuilt, with drainage installed. © Chris Hurst.

2nd April 2016: A small working party of Chris Hurst and Graeme Richard Bevan-Stewart continued the work on clearing the site. As well as the endless tyre moving,work was done to clear two of the grounded bodies of vegetation. The first being a LBSCR Billinton Brake Third built at Brighton Works. The second is a LSWR four wheel passenger luggage van built at Nine Elms in 1896. © Chris Hurst.

19th March 2016: A further working party attended. The next party should hopefully see the last of the tyres out of the way. The LBSCR Brake Third (Billington) is now clear of undergrowth. A 1920s newspaper was discovered under the floor in the Guards Compartment that was still readable. © Chris Hurst.

20th February 2016: A working party visited and started to tidy the site and check the cover. 144 tyres were removed in order to make room for car parking. Tidying of the site will be a on going task.© Chris Hurst.

19th December 2015: Richard Midwinter, Chris Hurst, John Atkinson, Mark Hickmott, Bernard Tilley and Tim Hannington had a successful first visit to see 13003 at Sellinge. A meeting took place with the owner which was positive and may allow for more access in the future. Permission was given for the group to cover the unit (the covers have vents to allow the coach to breathe). © Tim Hannington.

10 December 2015: The website went live.

Ian Ross
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