A list of publications with reference to the 4-DD Units

The following is a list of publications that refer to the 4DD class. This list is in no way comprehensive and we are adding new books and magazines frequently. If you know of any articles or photographs not listed below then please do let us know.

Southern Electric Multipule Units 1898-1948
Marsden,Colin J(1983).
Ian Allen Ltd.
ISBN 0-7110-1253-9

Southern Electric : A History of the World's Greatest Suburban Electric Railway System

Southern Electrics
Brian Rayner
Bradford and Barton

A Pictorial Record of Southern Electric Units - Drawings and Plans
Brian Golding
Noodle Books

The Dartford Loop Line 1866-1966
The Oakwood Press

London Termini Past and Proposed
Photo of the unit at Charring Cross.
Vic Mitchell
Middleton Press
ISBN 978-1-900-447-005

British Railways The First 25 Years - Volume 6 Central London Southern Region
J Allen and A Murray
Lightmoor Press
ISBN13: 9781911038290

Bulleid of the Southern
H.A.V.Bulleid (1977 revised 1978).
Ian Allen Ltd.
ISBN 0-7110-0689 X

Southern Electric Vol. 2
David Brown

Southern Reflections
R.C.Riley & Nigel Harris
Silver Link

Modern Locomotives Illustrated No.216 Aug/Sept 2015 - Southern Design EMUs

April 2001 - Article on the DDs pp198 - 203.

The Railway Magazine
January 1950 - Illustrated article on the units.
January 1951 - Double-Deck Train Trial Results.
July 2016 - The Bulleid 4DD Double Deck EMU Group is mentioned in a small article on page 84.
January 2017 - Update on page 74.

December 1949 - Report on the first day in service.

Southern Region Magazine
December 1949 (Vol2 Number 12) - Report on the 4DD Class.

Brighton Evening Argus, February 7 1949.
Reports of a model of a double deck coach being built in Lancing Works.

The Times
29.2.49 Report on BR looking in to Double Deck as a solution to overcrowding.
29.2.49 Report on the full size Mock Up.
7.12.50 BR decides not to order any more Double Deck units.

Information from the records of John Atkinson (retired railway worker)
Word document file within the groups Yahoo Page.

Ian Ross
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